Bright Puff

October 8, 2012


Image Copyright 2012 by G. W. German

All Rights Reserved.


What is this? You may well ask.

Give up?

It’s a decorative inlaid pattern on the old upright, always-out-of-tune piano at my friend’s house

The psychedelic tweaking is from PhotoShop.


Image Copyright 2012 by G. W. German

Abstracting Reality

January 20, 2012

Photoshop is a great tool for anyone with even a slightly artistic bent. The ways you can tweak images are infinite and pictures that don’t work as standard photographs can be morphed into interesting and even beautiful compositions. I love having the use of software that allows me artistic license and the ability to hone my skills. Representational art can be great, but sometimes it’s the abstract arena that is the most fun to play in.

A person’s imagination and sense of beauty can be expanded by taking risks and creating images that aren’t meant to only capture a moment in time. Abstract works elicit interesting and unusual responses for each viewer. Some people don’t like to be challenged by things that aren’t immediately recognizable and understandable. While others flourish in a state of observation where they get to create with the artist through their interpretation of the image.

The idea isn’t to make absolute concrete sense of what you are seeing, but to surrender to whatever emotional response is brought up, even if nothing whatsoever arises. Perhaps, the image is unsettling to you. Why? If it calms you, on the other hand, why would that be your response? Art isn’t meant for beauty alone, or to just rile or shock you. Mostly it is what it is and what you bring to it can make it more or much less for you. So look at these images and try not to get caught up in “figuring it all out”. Instead, appreciate the variations in tone, color, shape, and texture. You can hate it or love it or feel nothing at all. There are no rules. Just look and participate in the act of truly seeing.


All images Copyright 2012 by G. W. German