June 16, 2013

Twin Fawns at Linda's House (6-15-13)

Here in Port Townsend we have a love/hate relationship with the Giant Spotted Sumatran Rats otherwise known as White-tailed Deer.

Our herd is protected, so there is no Bambi blasting within city limits. I have no doubt that, were this community to suddenly experience

a natural disaster of some sort, the herd would instantly become fair game. And deservedly so.

This privledged class of herbivore acts like the worst of the royals.

They are arrogant, aloof, and fearless in their quest to decimate every garden they can gain access to. They will devour just about anything green and juicy.

Even plants that are listed as “deer proof”. Last year they attacked my euphorbia; A plant that produces a highly toxic white sap. It didn’t phase them.

If it’s a plant you prize that will be the first item on their menu.

I don’t eat red meat but, after dealing with these ravenous pests, venison steaks sound incredibly appetizing.

Deer on 30th (6-15-13)

Photographs Copyright 2103 by G. W. German

All Rights Reserved


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  1. We have a lot of deer passing through our yard also, because we are surrounded by protected land (Civil War battlefield). I planted a lot of things that they don’t like to eat…. and for the most part….they haven’t munched on them yet, and I have been here for 9 years.
    There is one thing that bothers me though. There are a LOT of deer ticks around here. Last summer, I got bitten by ticks on 7 different occasions. Since there is so much concern about Lyme disease, I was given antibiotics each time.
    The grass in my yard is not tall and I am not walking into the woods. I’m starting to feel like a tick magnet. I’ve already been bitten once this year. The deer ticks are so small, it’s hard to see them before its too late.

    • picturingpt Says:

      Hello, Mary.

      I will have to be more attentive to the possibility of being bitten by a deer tick. I am sure they occur here, also. Is there nothing you can wear or apply to keep them from biting you? I would definitely wear long sleeves and pants with tight cuffs if possible. It must cost a pretty penny to be given antibiotics so much and, as far as I know, it really isn’t helping your immune system. What a price to pay just to enjoy being outdoors and gardening.

      Thanks for the heads up and for commenting.


  2. Yes. It is a good thing to watch out for the ticks.
    I do love the opportunity to get so many nice photos of the deer, but I am to the point where I am afraid to walk outside (even though I love being outside). The deer ticks are no bigger than sesame seeds…and they kind of look like sesame seeds too. Hard to see them before its too late. Usually, the area starts itching and then I see the cause. The last one that bit me was so small, I had to get out a magnifying glass. And then, yes, I was sure. The little dot had legs.

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