Horses In Hawai’i

November 30, 2012

In April and May of 2008 I was fortunate, due to the grace of a very fine friend, to visit the Big Island of Hawai’i for a month. While there I was able to experience some of the most incredible events of my life. I was able to go snorkeling frequently and the first time in the water I found myself swimming with a sea turtle. Unfortunately, I do not own any underwater camera equipment. So the memories of my wonderful time snorkeling have to suffice. Though that doesn’t help you see what I saw, does it?

I do, however, have many shots of my above water adventures. Including these images taken on a day devoted entirely to using our cameras. As I’ve said before, horses are among my favorite subjects. By chance my friend had an association with a young woman who worked at a ranch where visitors rented horses for day excursions across the lush green hills and valleys near Waimea. The animals were about as tame and friendly as any horses I’d ever been around and, it was obvious, the young women who tended them loved them.

This hour period of my journey has to place among the high points of my visit to Hawai’i despite the fact I can walk about 5 minutes from my home here in PT and interact with my doctor’s horses and donkeys. Perhaps the difference was all in the locale or maybe it was just being around so many friendly horses. I have no idea why, exactly, but I’ve been around abused horses and watched way too many videos of cruelty done to these fine beings. It was lovely being around working horses who were cared for with love and appreciation. In so many instances world wide that is not the case.

Full-Sized Jpegs-1500

This puppy, less than six months old at the time, was rescued from a dump where he had been abandoned. From the instant he met the horses his herding instincts went into gear. For an untrained herder, he was quite the little master.

B & W 4 X 4  4-14-08



Tender Mercies 4-14-08

In Between Rides






Snowflaked 4-14-08



Backsides In Motion 4-14-12


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