Before Sundown

February 2, 2012

One thing remarkably different about  the location of my home is how seldom I see a beautiful sunset in my neighborhood. Oh sure, I see beautiful cloud formations on tree-lined horizons, but the sunsets here are nothing like the ones I’ve experienced in southern areas. I would have to drive out to the shore to see the sun go down without obstruction. Here, where there aren’t houses, there are conifers blocking the view and, by the time I recognize there’s a chance of a colorful display, it is too late to drive to a vantage point and catch it.

The image above is about as close to a sunset I have been able to capture. This was captured on the last day of November 2010. November is usually the most difficult time of the year for me. I do not do well with the short days and lengthy dark of burgeoning winter. Seeing the light play against clouds like this reminds me that, even when I feel depressed, nature goes on simply being beautiful.


Image Copyright 2012 G. W. German


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