Webbed Wonder

January 24, 2012

In late summer and early autumn my garden is filled with spiders. The Blackberry brambles nearby are filled with hundreds of webs and patient spiders waiting for the fruit to ripen and the flying insects to arrive. Whenever I go out on the local walking trails I am almost guaranteed to walk face first into a transparent webbing strung across the path.

I have known people with such serious cases of arachnophobia that the mere idea of coming that close to spiders makes them near faint. Then there are those that think killing all spiders, even the ones outdoors, is a given because they might be bitten. After all, the things are multi-legged fiends.

Let’s put it this way: without spiders in the ecology mankind would have died out long ago. Like bats and bees they are incredibly beneficial. You don’t have to like them but, before mindlessly killing those you encounter, remember how loudly you complain about being bothered by insects. Then imagine millions more filling the air around you (biting and stinging and crawling across your body) with no end in sight. Now, thank spiders for doing their jobs.

Image copyright 2012 by G.W. German


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