At The County Fair: Horses!

January 24, 2012

These shots are all from a visit to the 2011 Jefferson County Fair held in August here in Port Townsend.

Most people go to county fairs to see the exhibits and competitions or participate in them, have fun, ride the carnival rides, and eat suspect food. I, on the other hand, go to take pictures of livestock and the horses in particular.

Horses, next to flowers, are my favorite photographic subjects. Their beauty never fails to fascinate and inspire me. I am always looking for new ways to shoot them and new circumstances that show them off in ways that aren’t cliched. A very difficult goal.

I don’t get the opportunity to shoot wild horses, so I make due with domesticated ones. If you haven’t been around horses you might think they are just dull animals that stand around in pastures, stables, and stalls eating all the time. Horses have distinct personalities and are far more intelligent than people ever seem to give them credit for. Because of their herding instincts they operate differently from humans and respond differntly to input but, in my experience, than can be as aware as any creatures we encounter. If you haven’t ever taken the time to get acquainted with these big, beautiful animals I highly recommend it. Truly knowing a horse can change all of your perspectives in ways you might never imagine.


All images Copyright 2012 by Gregory W. German


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