Snow: Part Two: The “Snow On” Series

January 19, 2012

Yesterday’s snowfall was the kind you can make snowmen from. Today’s, though more copious, is the type skier’s adore, pure powder. I went out in the cold to thaw out my truck, but I didn’t take any photos as the conditions were less favorable for good shots than yesterday.

Instead, here are a series of images of snow covering plants. The contrast between the white granular character of snow and the color and textures of different leaf structures is fascinating to me.

All images Copyright 2012 by G. W. German. All Rights Reserved.


2 Responses to “Snow: Part Two: The “Snow On” Series”

  1. kbartx Says:

    Living in ‘SoCalif I rarely see snow close up. I love the granular texture these photos capture, also the subtle patches of color as in the rose hips. Lovely work.

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