Snow: Part One

January 18, 2012

One of the major reasons why I live where I live is the weather. Port Townsend has a relatively mild maritime climate. We don’t have extraordinary extremes in temperatures and we seldom have crippling snow storms. That could change tonight as the meteorologists are saying we could have up to 10 inches of the white stuff.

An earlier front dropped about an inch and a half of snow here last night.

Snowfall is always a good excuse for taking pictures. It changes the appearance, shapes and structures of everything it covers, whether flat rooftops or gnarled trees, roadways or lawns. I always try to get out at the point where the snow is still virgin, though some folks have to head off to work early and leave foot and tire tracks. Fortunately as long as the temp stays low and the wind doesn’t come up the snow sits still for good shots.

One problem with white things are how flat and lacking in dimension they can appear. Then there’s the fact that white is highly reflective in sunshine and absorptive when there’s a cloud cover. You might believe you just took some outstanding shots, only to find they are all dull and lifeless as if you’d been trying to capture the nuances of a sheet of copy paper. Or perhaps worse, the image looks like you were using a particularly bright flash attachment. There are tricks for avoiding these circumstances, but you will have to go elsewhere to find them. Initially, when I am out shooting the only trick I use is to capture interesting shapes or scenes. Later, I can modify images using Photoshop. (I will tell you the best shots are the ones where you need Photoshop the least. However, it is a valuable tool in the digital photographer’s arsenal and I recommend at least having a copy Photoshop Elements if you use a digital camera.)

Here are some of the images I shot today. I suspect there will be more tomorrow as there will be substantially more snow to work with.


All images Copyright 2012 by G. W. German. All Rights Reserved.


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